• Brass Butter Knife
  • Brass Butter Knife
  • Brass Butter Knife
  • Brass Butter Knife

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Brass Butter Knife

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Buttering your bread just got a little more special.

A butter knife made by polishing brass to give it a matte texture. It is a compact size that is easy to handle. The part to be buttered is thinner than the handle.

This light-weight brass knife is great for butter, soft cheeses, and even pate. 

As each item is handmade one by one, there may be some distortion, uneven painting, and slight scratches.

If you use it for a long time, the color may change due to aging, but please enjoy it as a texture of the product.

100% brass 

Designed in Japan, hand-made in India

(W) 1.5 cm x (D) 0.3 cm x (H) 14.5 cm

wipe clean, polish if necessary