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Brass Spoon

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Beautiful, hand-hammered brass spoons with a matte finish.

The round silhouette is a beautiful shape and will look beautiful on any table.

Perfect as serving utensils and they make wonderful house-warming gifts.

The larger size is for serving. Set several on each platter. It goes well with many cuisines, salads and casseroles.

The small size is perfect for dips, olives, rice and even soup etc. 

Pair them together at the table for a beautifully unified setting. 

As each is hand-made, surfaces may not be uniform. 

100% brass

Designed in Japan, hand-made in India

Small: (

W) 4cm X (H)17cm
Medium: (W) 7cm X (H) 23.6cm

hand-wash only

If you use the spoons for a long time, the colour may change due to aging, but please enjoy this as part of the natural quality and texture of the product.