Introducing #morethanbassike, as bassike organic cotton jersey product line is certified carbon neutral by Climate Active.

More than a t.shirt, more than a business, more than just an idea. bassike is a considered and purpose-driven ethos centred on design-led collections – made sustainably, ethically, and with integrity.

 New York-based, Australian model and entrepreneur Lara Worthington, fronts the campaign embodying the spirit of the #morethanbassike message with her entrepreneurship, philanthropic endeavours and influence in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle realms.

 Following the Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification of the bassike organisation in 2021, we are excited to announce the next milestone on our path of continuous improvement – our signature organic cotton jersey collection is now proudly certified 100% carbon neutral under the climate active standard. This certification signifies that the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the sourcing of raw material production, garment manufacturing, distribution, and end of life of bassike’s organic cotton jersey products have been measured, reduced, and offset in their entirety by carbon reduction and capturing projects.

 bassike organic cotton jersey is knitted in a solar-powered facility in Melbourne, Australia – exclusively for us – using 100% organic cotton. We work closely with our community of local makers to create every bassike garment, with heritage details such as our signature twisted seams and contrast chain stitch that make our organic cotton jersey collections unique.

 By choosing a bassike organic cotton jersey t.shirt over a conventional cotton t.shirt, you are saving 1.9 kg of carbon and other greenhouse gases (CO2e), the equivalent to 2.5 hours of electricity use.