In the Press: GT Interview

In the Press: GT Interview

Our interview with the Geelong Advertiser's GT Magazine on Saturday 9th October 2021. 

What has been the best part of opening the store?

We both feel that bricks and mortar retail environments are important for communities and contribute variety to a streetscape. Since opening in April (in the old Newtown post office) we have loved getting to know our customers. We hope the store feels inviting, and we welcome people to come in and say hello and tell us a little about themselves. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that social and Community relationships are critical for our wellbeing and we hope we can brighten your day if you come wandering by.  
We carefully selected Geelong as the home for our family and place to open our store and are so grateful already for our loyal customers who have continued to support our venture especially through the lockdowns. 

What is the inspiration behind Bleu Design?

Our ethos is to offer beautiful products that are made to last. We are motivated by honest materials, enduring design and lasting craftsmanship, partnering with brands that work in a responsible and sustainable manner to offer a range of contemporary homewares, objects, clothing and accessories for women, men and children. After becoming parents, we decided to merge our strengths into a design store to allow a little more flexibility for our family.
Explain your background and what led you to open Bleu.

Chloe is a practising architect, currently working privately in between managing the store. After many years working for notable studios, she brings her commitment to sustainable design and use of tactile and authentic materials to the retail environment. Brenton has been a retail business owner and manager for more than 10 years.
We wanted to introduce the community to unique, beautiful things that we have discovered over time.
We hope the light-filled store is a welcoming space. The minimalist yet warm modular birch plywood fit-out aligns with the ethos of being beautiful and adaptive. It is designed to be assembled with no glue or mechanical fixings and can easily be pulled apart, transported and put back together. Being modular ensures the parts can be arranged in multiple ways to curate a range of different products.

In sourcing products to stock, what are your main priorities?

Consciousness is at the heart of our decisions; each item has been selected with intention to ensure quality and longevity. Every product purchased from Bleu will have lasting relevance in your home or wardrobe.
Bleu maintains a commitment to timeless design, with a key focus on natural materials and texture, stocking products that are beautiful and thoughtful.
Being a retail store, we feel a responsibility to offer products that are made to last and not just for a season. We specifically partner with brands that are produced in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Who will Bleu Design appeal to and are you showcasing any designers in particular?

We have tried to create a unique retail experience by offering a range of products that are not currently available to the region, including Bassike, In Bed Linen and Baina.  
We also have a finely curated selection of artisan ceramics, handmade leather
goods, unique children’s product, handspun metal products and many options for gifting.    
We are constantly researching designers and products and plan to continue to introduce new and exciting discoveries to have an ever-evolving range of products available.
Photographs by the lovely Verity of Ginger & Mint