• The Tuk Wallet Small
  • The Tuk Wallet Small
  • The Tuk Wallet Small

Liam Dillon Design

The Tuk Wallet Small

Regular price $100.00

The Tuk wallet range comes in three different sizes, the small designed for someone with minimal items, holding up to eight cards.

Magnetised closing function 

Featuring our unique hidden side seam technique for a soft and minimal aesthetic

100% ethically sourced Vegetable tanned kangaroo leather. 

Kangaroo leather is 100% a by-product of government enforced culling, meaning that making use of the skin is both ethical and sustainable.

All kangaroo leather comes from wild Australian animals. During a kangaroos life they fight with each other and bash around the harsh Australian bush, which results in marks and scars on the leather. This gives evidence that the leather used is from a wild creature whose history we can only imagine


Measurements: 95mm x 65mm x 25mm

Please note: As with our own skin, vegetable tanned leather naturally ages with use and time. It can darken, mark and scar as it changes with you.

Use leather conditioner as required.