• 110 Brass Planter
  • 110 Brass Planter


110 Brass Planter

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The brass planter adds an element of honey at your home. Ideal for planting green succulents or use with our hanging planters.
Lightly have worked with small boutique makers we admire and support, who handcrafted each object in Brass.

160 x 160mm

Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, slight variations may occur in the surface or shape. This is because it is made and finished by hand. This is solid brushed brass with a clear protective coating.

Powder-coated finishes and metals do react to some organic matter and chemicals, so you need to be mindful of what you spray or pesticides you use. For longevity, we recommend using our vessels as a ‘housing’ pot with the potted plant inside.

It is fine to plant directly in the planters. If you do plant directly, drain well. If you have reactive soil residue wash off the metal and dry with a soft cloth.